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  • 2014.06.03
    We offer "Family golf plan" this summer again
    Please inquire for reservations and details by email to talofofo@onwardguam.com. (Advanced reservations required.)

    The "family golf plan" benefits!
    *Children aged 5 years old and older can play.
    *We have a half-round price.
    *You can use rental golf clubs and shoes free of charge. Golf clubs for kids are also available.
    *This plan is only available to those who stay at Onward Beach Resort.
    *We have a free transportation service. The bus leaves Onward at 11:00am.
  • 2014.04.30
    [Important] Information about Traveler's checks

    Please note that we no longer accept payment by traveler’s checks at our hotel and golf courses.

    Payment must be made by credit card (VISA, Master, Diners Club, JCB, and American Express) and/or in cash (US$).

    We appreciate your understanding.
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