club house

Our clubhouse rests on a hilltop that provides a panoramic view of the In-Course, the eastern coastline of Guam and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
We offers a luxurious facility for the customers to enjoy.


You can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the island from the restaurant while enjoying lunch, or just a cup of coffee and dessert.

Enjoying a sunrise over the cobalt blue Pacific Ocean together with the color of a fresh green golf course, you can experience nature's unlimited beauty.

Open: 6:00am〜6:00pm

Breakfast Buffet

  • Breakfast
    Breakfast is a la carte or buffet style.
    There are Japanese-style dishes, (fried fish, tofu, natto, pickles, miso soup, rice, etc.) as well as Western-style offerings (bacon, sausage, egg dishes, salad and bread). Various drinks and fruits are also on hand. Eat what you like and only what you like!
    Besides these, a light breakfast of hotcakes and toast is also available.
  • Lunch
    Lunch (and light meals after play) may be chosen from the menu. There are hearty set menus and chammoro dishes (native dishes of Guam), all arrayed for your enjoyment.
  • Breakfast coupons issued by the Onward Hotel, as well as Meal Coupons issued by travel agencies are accepted.


The logo of Mangilao Golf Club is "bougainvaillea".
Beautiful items decorated with this logo are on sale in the pro shop. There are also a variety of items including famous brand-name golf clothes such as “23ku sports”. Original products which can only be purchased in Guam, Mangilao, would make great souvenirs. Enjoy shopping at this refined establishment. Gift certificates and other items which can be used as prizes for your competitions can be prepared to your budget. Please feel free to inquire with staff.


There are locker / shower room facilities in the club house. Safety deposit boxes are located next to the front desk.

Competition Room

We have a Competition/Party Room prepared for your award ceremonies, parties, conferences, seminars, etc. It’s a multi-purpose room, perfect for any special events you may have planned.

capacity: 36




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