Competition Information

We provide information about Talofofo Golf Club including information necessary to arrange golf tournaments for tournament organizers and group leaders.

Course Overview

The flat and American-style out-course, with tropical flowers and island greens reflected on the surface of the waters, makes for a wholly enjoyable resort-golfing experience.

Against a background of grand virgin forest, the in-course, which makes the best use of the surrounding geographical features, is a section where players enjoy strategic challenges.

Enjoy dramatic play throughout this Onward Talofofo Golf Club designed for you by professional golfers.

Course Information
18 Holese Par 72
Gold: 6,702 yards / Blue: 6,403 yards
White: 6,038 yards / Red: 5,053 yards
Course Designer: 9 legendary PGA players
Rules and Regulations
  1. Collared shirts and golf shoes are required to be worn. Clothing such as t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, sneakers and sandals are not allowed.
  2. Minor children 11 years old and below prohibited. (Minors between the ages of 12 – 17 require adult consent.) Only persons aged 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license will be permitted to operate a golf cart.
  3. Non-players accompanying players are considered under the same terms as players (e.g. play fee, dress code).
  4. The golf style is self-play throughout 18 holes without any breaks, using golf carts. All 18-hole rounds should be completed in no more than 4 hours 20 minutes. Please avoid slow play and keep up your pace. A marshal could ask a slow group to allow a fast group to play through. Please follow their instructions.
  5. We provide free shuttle services from major hotels in Tumon and Hagatna (20〜25 min. each way). Return buses are scheduled once every hour from 12:30. Exclusive charter buses are available for 20+ groups. Please ask our staff for private taxis.
  6. No outside food and beverage are allowed.
  7. Please inquire about rental golf clubs and shoes at the front desk at time of check-in.


Open 6:00am-6:00pm
Breakfast: Buffet blending of Japanese and American style (Please note that the breakfast may be a la carte menu.)
Lunch: You can select from the menu
Number of seats: 110
Breakfast vouchers issued at Onward Beach Resort or meal coupons issued by travel agencies are available.
Special menus for after-parties and ceremonies can be arranged.
Please feel free to make inquiries with staff.

[Competition Room]

Private rooms for small groups up to 30 people are available.
They are ideal for award ceremonies and parties Reservations are required.
Private rooms for small groups up to 30 people are available. They are ideal for award ceremonies and parties Reservations are required. Competition score rsults generated by computer are also available. Please arrange for these before your competition.

[Recommended holes for Near Pin, Driving Contests]

Near Pin (OUT-No.4, IN-No.15)
Driving Contest (OUT-No.6, IN-No.17)

[Pro Shop]

The Golf Shop carries a variety of items including golf clothes, golf products and gift items with Mangilao’s logo. Gift certificates and other items which can be used as prizes for your competitions are available. Please feel free to inquire with staff.


For men: 54 / For women: 28 / Fee: $5

[Shower room]

Use of shower room is free of charge.
(Body shampoo, shampoo, Conditioner, bath towels are supplied.)

[Snack Counter]

Drinks and snacks may be purchased before starting and after 9 holes of golf.

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